Our drive for excellence is fueled by a never-ending search for knowledge.


Major events in the Middle East have a habit of taking everyone by surprise. What seems to be inevitable rarely occurs and the unimaginable often becomes reality.


Living in the heart of this fascinating region has sent us on a never-ending search for answers. It’s a quest that has taken each of us to remarkable places, from the briefing rooms of military intelligence, to the halls of the United Nations, to the opinion pages and studios of top media outlets. Along the way, we’ve been sought out by those who depend on the most reliable information to make decisions, from diplomats to journalists to corporate decision makers.


Recognizing the overwhelming need for insightful analysis about our region,  we established the Levantine Group, named after the historical region now comprising Syria, Lebanon, Israel, and the Palestinian Territories. By analyzing the historical, cultural, and geographical contexts, we empower our clients to identify the triggers for major events – so that they are not caught by surprise.


We invite you to join our search for answers in the Middle East. Let our passion for geopolitics in this region be your asset in the drive to make better decisions. 




Daniel Nisman,